Try Your Luck With A Roobet Welcome Offer!

You may win big with Roobets Welcome Offer!
September 26, 2022
Published by
Mr Roo

Roobetters, it is with great pleasure that we’re announcing our Welcome Offer to you!

Roobet might be run by a kangaroo, but Mr. Roo welcomes everyone who’s looking to join! To show you his appreciation, and to properly welcome you into the Crypto’s Fastest Growing Casino, he prepared a special welcoming gift for your integration into our ever-growing community!

In a way, simply by being here, you’ve already won - but to unwrap your presents, you’ll have to play with us for a bit. As you place your wagers, you’ll get closer to claiming each of the gifts that Mr. Roo has prepared for you. There is actually more than one gift waiting for you to take it! Here’s what the full content of the welcome offer will get you

  • - Once you’ve wagered the first $400, you’ll be able to claim the very first of your gifts! This one contains 25 Free Spins, and each of those is worth $0.40, making it a total of $10!
  • - Then we have another 20 free spins after you’ve wagered a total of $1,000. This time, however, they
  • are worth much more -  $1.00 each, to be exact, so it is probably for the best if you stick around and grab those!
  • - Finally, after you’ve opened the first two, and you’re probably thinking to yourself that it’s all over, Mr.Roo rewards you once again! The moment your total wager hits $2,5000, there are yet another 25 free spins, but they are more valuable than ever -  $2.0 each!

Keep in mind that this is the wager and not the deposit amount.

Combined together, the total number of free spins that you can get from Mr. Roo’s Welcome Offer is 70, and they are worth exactly $80. Considering that one lucky spin is all that it takes to win big, imagine what you could potentially be getting from all those!

And there you have it - Mr. Roo’s Welcome Offer for everyone who decides to join Roobet and play with us! While the Welcome Offer might be why you choose Roobet in the first place, it’s not what makes our players stay. 

As you’ll soon learn yourself, there is quite a lot in here, that’s making us stand out from the rest of the crowds. 

Some appreciate our accessibility and ease of use. For others, it’s the security and more technical stuff. Absolutely everyone likes the monthly, unique meta games, frequent events, and promotions. What will it be for you?

So, if you haven’t got to register yet, now would be a great time to do that! Start playing, have a lot of fun, and claim your welcome offer! We hope to see you around!

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