The List Of Roobet Games Just Got Bigger With Roo's Speed Blackjack

July 21, 2023
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Mr. Roo

The list of Roobet Games continues to grow with new fun and fast-paced titles like Roo's Speed Blackjack by Pragmatic Play. The latest in the arsenal of revolutionary games that will change the way you play online casino. This latest game at Roobet offers not only a great Return To Players (RTP) percentage of 99.28% but also the very best in live casino dealers.

What To Expect From Roobet's Latest Game - Roo's Speed Blackjack!

With 30 tables to choose from, Speed Blackjack is for everyone from beginners to high rollers. Minimum bets start at €5 per bet right up to €100 on some tables. There is a max bet of up to €5,000 on the more expensive tables. There is nothing to be frowned on with the winning potential of this latest addition to the games arsenal at Roobet!

In additional to massive winning opportunities you can expect to play Blackjack that is on the next level. You will experience 30% faster rounds with the inclusion of simultaneous decision offers. All players will get a decision offer when the hidden card is dealt! Then the speed is on you because further card sequences will only be dealt as soon as players accept their offers!

For an even smoother ride you get to choose if you want to set an Auto-Decision during the game! What will your strategy be? This also includes Auto-Stand, Auto-Hit and Auto-Insurance.

Speed Blackjack offers options as well! So even if you choose the auto-betting function you will still be able to opt for exceptions to double down or split! Choice is the name of the game at Roobet!

Don't you worry if you snooze, because you won't lose on this latest Roobet dynamo game! If you miss an offer Auto-Stand will be applied on bets more than 12, and an Auto-Hit on 11 or less!

Why You Should Not Miss Out On Roo's Speed Blackjack At Roobet

- Deal Now button

- Improved UI

- Side Bets: PP and 21 + 3 available

- Quick seating from the lobby

- User-friendly interface

- Unique visuals and sound effects

- Uses HTML5 technology

- Mobile and desktop optimized

- Low-streaming latency

- 24/7 availability

- Detailed bet history

- Expert, interactive game hosts

- Chat with other placers

- Live support

Head To Roobet And Play Roo's Speed Blackjack

No matter where you are in the world and when you want to hit 21, you can play Roo's Speed Blackjack because this game works optimally on both mobile and desktop! So take it with you where ever you go. Hitting 21 never happened faster!

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