San Quentin Slot At Roobet

San Quentin Slot by NoLimit City
August 17, 2022
Published by
Mr Roo

Quick Facts 

Software Provider: Nolimit City

Game Type: Video Slot 

Theme: Prison

Paylines: 243

Reels: 5

Mobile-Friendly: Yes

Bonus Game: Yes

Progressive: No

Free Spins: Yes

Multiplier: 150,000

Autoplay: Yes

What San Quentin Slot At Roobet Is All About?

You have arrived at the notorious San Quentin, the oldest prison in California. Who you are and what you’ve done doesn’t matter, not anymore. What’s important is that you’re here now, within the state’s only death row, and the largest one in the entire US of A.

Towering concrete walls, adorned with multiple layers of spooled barbed wires stretch for as far as you can see. You feel watched, as the numerous, synthetic eyes of the surveillance system tracks your every move. Armed guards with itchy trigger fingers stand vigil over the perimeter. You are becoming paranoid. Scared. Desperate.

It’s clear that to make the best out of this, far from an ideal situation, you’ll need allies and supplies. That means contraband and makeshift weapons, from whatever you can scavenge and smuggle in here. If anything, at least you’ve always been resourceful, and if your natural, God-given charms don’t work, you’ve picked quite a bit of “social skills” along the way. Let’s see what we’ve got…

What's On The Reels Of San Quentin Slot At Roobet

As you take a careful look around yourself, you immediately notice a band of rather menacing-looking faces. Getting close to these convicts is your best bet at making the most out of your time spent in San Quentin. It always pays off to be well connected, in one way or another, and some of these inmates seem to be more worthy of your attention than others.

Although not without his uses, you’ve learned that the clearly unhinged Crazy Joe (green) is the one who you shouldn’t be spending too much of your time with - for various reasons.

Then there’s Biker Bill (blue). Even though he has quite the list of “achievements on his resume”, he’s not that important either. Keep him close, but aim much higher, and keep climbing the ladder.

Loco Luis (purple) is where things start to get interesting. Moving 200T a year doesn’t come cheap, and neither does this guy. On top of that, he’s just the right kind of loco that pays off having on your side, once things start going South.

Heinrich 3rd (orange) is what he’s called, and even more important than being on his good side, is not being on his bad side - considering that the guy is a suspected terrorist.

When it comes to the last person of interest, a charming fellow called Beefy Dick (red), you realize that “keeping him close” shouldn’t be taken literally. Even though he’s the most worthy of your time, never get too close, and keep him in your field of view at all times!

There’s no doubt that good connections are crucial in a place like this, but being stocked with all sorts of different items has a way of paying off. Don’t be too quick to judge something that you don’t see the immediate use for. 

Makeshift shivs, lighters, and improvised razor blades are worth their weight in gold in a place like this. However, you never know when you’ll need a pair of handcuffs, soap, or a roll of toilet paper, as simple as it may be!

What to Watch For in San Quentin Slot At Roobet

Your focus should be on the top and the bottom floor cells. Once these are opened, previously locked inmates will rush out, and if the cell is vacant, there are always some items inside of them for the taking. 

Cells can also hold a couple of very special items within them!
Things like these strange, xWays labeled stashes that always seem to have four of the same items inside of them.

Razors so sharp that they will essentially make a double out of anything, or anyone - if you want to look at it that way!
All those, and many other things that you’d consider a wildcard in a place like this, will be found within the cells.

Opening three or more cells at the same time can make the situation in San Quentin quite chaotic, resulting in chaos and riot. While this will undoubtedly call for a lockdown, it might be the  perfect opportunity for someone like yourself.

Use this opportunity while the situation is most volatile, and turn a profit! No one can tell how long this will last, so make it count!

Our Thoughts

Only the strongest, smartest and slyest will have a chance in a place like this. With the right mindset, there might even be a chance for profit in a place as dark and dangerous as San Quentin. Do you have what it takes, and would you be willing to risk it all to find that out?

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