Roowards: The Roobet Rewards Program!

The Roobet Roowards system offers players more chances to win! The higher you climb, the more frequently you gain rewards!
May 13, 2022
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Mr. Roo

Roobet is more than just a crypto casino. It offers players a well-rounded experience that delivers performance, returns, and entertainment. One of the best ways to ensure a profit is by getting involved in all the added rewards elements of the site. 

The Roobet Roowards system is the perfect example of earning more chances to win! The higher you climb on the Roowards ladder, the more frequently you gain rewards! 

All you need to do is sign up to Roobet and get wagering to join the fun!


  • What is The Roobet Roowards System?
  • Use Your Roowards To Win More! 
  • Level Up and check your Roowards Now.

What is The Roobet Roowards System?

Roowards is a Roobet casino player incentive program that provides a chance for you to pocket extra balance! Roowards provides three different avenues of rewards, which are based on your activity over allocated lengths of time, which will be rewarded on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

Get Roowards at Roobet
Roowards at Roobet.

Rakeback (Daily)

Rakeback is a crypto casino reward that, when achieved, provides players with a share of the house edge on your wagers. This means the more you bet, the more you will receive in Rakeback.

To reach the first level of Roowards bonuses at Roobet, you will need to have wagered $1,000, which levels you up to permanently increase the Rakeback you receive. The amount you receive will still depend on your wagers from the previous day. 

Cashback (Weekly)

Cashback is a popular way to give back to players at crypto casino sites. At Roobet, you can receive cashback on a weekly basis pendant on your Roowards level. Once you have achieved this level of Roowards, you will pocket cashback for life. Your cashback amount will be loss back rewards based on your deposits minus withdrawals over the last week.

The weekly reward will be triggered once you have wagered $1,500. Once achieved, you will level up to permanently increase your weekly cash bonus and boost your loss back percentage. 

Bonus (Monthly) 

Your monthly bonus from the Roobet Roowards system is a bonus that is based on your overall losses (deposits minus withdrawals) over the whole month. The value of the bonus is also dependent on your deposit rate, wins, losses, and so on. 

The monthly bonus is activated once $2,500 has been wagered. Once triggered, the monthly bonus will be permanent, boosting your monthly cashback and loss back percentage from the previous month. 

Use Your Roowards To Win More! 

Your Roowards are credited to your balance on a regular basis, giving you the chance to cash in on some game time! From sports betting to slots, your Roowards can be used to wager on any game. 

We would recommend getting signed up using an affiliate link to get the ball rolling, awarding all new players with an instant Roowards bonus.

Level Up and check your Roowards Now.

Every Roobetter that signs up to Roobet has the chance to take part in the Roowards activities. You can monitor your progress by keeping an eye on the Roowards bar at the top of the home screen. Click on the bar to see how much more needs to be wagered to reach the next milestone.

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