RoobetLive Party: Join Us On Twitch For A Shot At $7 500

Join Mr Roo and the rest of Roobetter community on Twitch to grab a share of $7500
August 30, 2022
Published by
Mr Roo

If you are a Roobetter, you can pocket free balance by streaming your favorite Roobet game with "RooTV"in your title! But that is not the only way to win on Twitch! 

On a fortnightly basis, Mr. Roo does what he does best and hosts the one-and-only RoobetLIVE Party, which is packed with action and entertainment, and not to mention holds a prize pool of $7,500! 

What Is The RoobetLIVE Party

The RoobetLIVE Party is one of the most regular events on Roobet. Hosted on Twitch, this event is hosted by some of the top streamers in the world. The aim is to tune in on Twitch when the stream begins. The more questions you get, the more cash you will pocket, with 200 winners picked. 

The RoobetLIVE Party is hosted bi-weekly, similar to King Roo, but on alternating weeks. You can get the upper hand and be notified 24 hours before the fun takes place! All you need to join in on the Roobet newsletter or join in on Mr. Roo's social media channels.

The prize pool is currently sitting at $7,5001. To get your hands on a piece, all you need to do is be quick on the keyboard and answer as many questions correctly as possible. Once the action is over, all winners will be awarded their winnings.

What Games Are Played During The RoobetLIVE Party

The RoobetLIVE Party is an action-packed event. From the moment it kicks off to the very last second, Mr. Roo and the host will have your eyes glued to the screen. 

When the party starts, you will be greeted by the host of the night, followed by some fun-filled gambling on games like Roobet dice, slots, live games, and much more! 

The RoobetLIVE Party Payout Times

Roobet takes your security seriously, so we ensure all the boxes are ticked before any payouts can take place.  All 200 winners will get winnings within 24 hours of the end of the event, though. Funds will be credited to your Roobet account, so please ensure all information provided is correct.

Once winning has been paid out, players can use their balance to wagers on any game, site-wide, or if that's not what you are after, you can withdraw your winnings with instant withdrawals for Bitcoin at Roobet.

3…2…1 ACTION! 

Clear your calendar because there's plenty happening at Roobet, and you don't want to miss out on the action. When the RoobetLIVE Party kicks off, make sure you are seated front and center, ready to answer any question that comes your way! 


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