Roobet Towers: Reaching New Heights

More and more, proprietary games have become popular in the crypto casino scene. One of the major titles to emerge is Towers.
May 12, 2022
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Mr. Roo

As the online gambling scene has converged with high-tech developments, more and more proprietary games have come onto the crypto casino scene. One of the major titles to emerge here is Towers. This game of skill has become a firm favorite with crypto players. As the worlds fastest growing crypto casino, Roobet, offers Towers in its ultimate form. The game has sleek graphics and provides the very best odds in the market. Climb to the top of your gambling experience with our version Towers at Roobet.


  • What Is Roobet Towers
  • How To Play Towers At Roobet
  • Why Is Roobet Towers The Best
  • Roobet Towers strategy

What Is Roobet Towers

A sophisticated design and world-class graphics are presented on Roobet’s top-quality proprietary game screen. Regardless of whether you are a Towers expert or just starting out, this user-friendly version will have you hooked.

This is also a provably fair game at Roobet. We utilize 256-bit encryption to safeguard your data and personal information. All games are subject to a random number generator (RNG), and the outcomes are random. 

How to play Towers at Roobet.

How To Play Towers At Roobet

You will receive an encrypted hash (SHA256) of the Server Seed at the start of the game. This variable does not change unless you choose to change it or reveal your Server Seed.

The Client Seed, which can be changed before any bet is placed, gives you control over your own game. The recipe for the fairness on the Roobet Towers consists of the Server Seed, which is provided, the Client Seed, supplied by you, and the Nonce, a numeral value that increases with each bet placed. 

The fact that you can access the system and results at any time makes this a fun and fair gambling option that is also secure.

Now that you can be confident that it is provably fair, here is how to play Towers at Roobet:

Step One: Sign In At Roobet 

Click on and sign in to your account. Once you log on, you will be taken to the home page, where you will find the Roobet Towers game. 

Step Two: Click On Towers

Playing Roobet Towers is a unique gambling experience! 

Step Three: Place A Wager

To get into the action, place a wager on Towers. Once you have decided how much you want to wager, you get to climb the Towers to a big win! 

Step Four: Win big on Towers

Climb to the top of the Roobet Tower with a good bet and keen strategy! Join in and be king of the Roo castle!

Why Is Roobet Towers The Best

You are in for a fun time because, at Roobet, we have taken the fan favorite Towers, giving it a little spice. We have done this by enhancing its’ features and capabilities. Our midnight blue background sets the scene for a unique online betting experience. The best part is that this is a completely user-friendly game that doesn’t take ages to learn. Just select your preferred setting and get going. Towers has quickly become a go-to addition for loyal Roobetters. 

Roobet Towers Strategy

This simple game can be enjoyed with or without a strategy. New players can test the waters in demo mode before diving in with actual bets. You can ascend the top of the tower by selecting one of the three stars on each row. You will move up to the next level by successfully selecting the star. Towers has easy, medium, and hard settings, which you choose from, depending on your skill. 

Once done, you can select your bet amount. The bigger the risk, the higher the reward, so the number of rows you need to climb will change by selecting various difficulty levels. Alter your seeds by clicking the “Change Seeds” icon on the bottom left of the table, which ties back to the fairness that is offered by Towers at Roobet. 


Towers at Roobet has quickly gained traction with our crypto gamblers. It is fun, user-friendly, and highly rewarding to both experienced and first time players. Every player has a shot at being king of Towers at Roobet. Sign up with us and discover why Towers is the perfect game for you, anywhere, anytime! 

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