Roobet Partners With Charles Oliveira, UFC Champion!

Charles Oliviera is an official Roobet ambassador.
August 15, 2022
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Mr Roo

Charles Oliveira, Roobets' latest brand ambassador, is one of the well-known names in the modern UFC scene. He has proven greatness in his career and we are proud to be in partnership. We are pretty confident that he can take on anyone standing in his way, and will be ringside to support him all the way!

Oliveira has moved to the renowned Chute Box team in Brazil , where he joins a family of strong fighters. Chute Box is the biggest MMA organization in São Paulo under the wing of owner, Diego Lima.

Lima believes that Oliveiras' success is because he is at home amongst his country men.

"Charles needs to be close to his friends and family,” Lima explained. “I know people who trained the United States for a year and never met most of the training partners out of the gym, not even for a coffee. The Latin people are different. And that's an important part of the process to make a champion.”

Who Is Charles Oliveira

Roobets' latest ambassador, Charles Oliveira, or Charles “do Bronx." He is a Brazilian UFC fighter with an impressive eleven win-streak! He specializes if Jui-Jitsu. He has risen from the ashes, through his favela (or slum) to go on to the top of combat sports.

As a kid, Charles dreamed about becoming an athlete, although, in his earliest dreams, he was a professional football player. Despite having some unexpected health problems which affected his legs and caused him pain when he simply tried to walk, Charles’s parents signed him up for sports programs. 

Even though his doctor warned them about the possibility of him becoming paraplegic, Charles kept pushing onward and eventually started recovering after some years. Not long after, when he was just a 12 years old teenager, Charles got introduced to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, where he would discover his true calling.

Being from a poor family, his parents were unable to afford proper training, but Oliveira was lucky enough to find himself in the free, social Brazilian jiu-jitsu program. There, he was able to attend classes for free, and get the training that he wanted. This undoubtedly marked the beginning of his journey to greatness.

At the age of 12, he began his training, and shortly after, in 2003, he won his first major title under Roger Coelho, as a white belt! Fast forward seven very successful years of training, and Charles earns a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Charles Oliveira’s Path To Glory

Taking his first steps towards glory all the way back in 2007, back then eighteen-year-old Charles Oliveira started fighting in his home country, Brazil. Even though an absolute rookie, the kid was nothing but promising, with his record of 12-0, out of which six were achieved by K.O’s, and five through submissions!

His first bout at the amateur MMA event called “Circuito Nacional de Vale-Tudo Amador” where young Charles fought against Rui Machado and submitted him within the opening round’s first 15 seconds!

It wouldn’t be long before he would make his professional debut, as in March of 2008, he took part in the “Predador Fight Championship” at “Predator FC 9 - Welterweight Grand Prix”. There he fought in three back-to-back matches, winning all of them, and winning the tournament while doing it!

In December of the same year, he also had his lightweight debut, where he defeated Mehdi Baghdad, a future UFC fighter. He then entered another tournament at “Korea Fight”, all within that same month, where he scored a K.O. in a match against Daniel Fernandes, and a T.K.O while fighting Eliene Silva.

He didn’t stop throughout the following months either, and kept lining up victories, one after the other! One of those was a win against the Bellator veteran, Alexandre Bezerra, which he won by submission.

Nowadays, as a former UFC lightweight division champion, Charles Oliveira’s nickname is globally recognizable among Ultimate Fight Championship’s fans and stands for something much more than it used to.

Last five bouts in Charles Oliveira’s winning streak:

  • Justin Gaethje
  • Dustin Poirier
  • Michael Chandler
  • Tony Ferguson
  • Kevin Lee

What’s next for Charles Oliveira?

One of the things that Charles Oliveira aims to do is to have a match with the world’s most notorious UFC fighter - Connor McGregor. When it comes to that, we’re pretty sure that all of the eyes will be set on the Octagon.

For now though, according to Roobet Sportsbook, we can see that the next match for our fighter do Bronx, is up against Islam Makhachev on October 22nd! There are many ways and options to bet through Roobet Sportsbook, so pick, choose and place your money where your mouth is! Enjoy the clash of these two titans, cheer for your favorite, and get a chance to pocket some money on the side!

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