Roobet Mines: How To Start With A Bang!

Make use of the step-by-step guide to playing Mines at Roobet and have your shot at scoring some big wins. 
May 5, 2022
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One of the best ways to enjoy the thrill of online gambling is by getting involved in one of its oldest games, Mines. At Roobet, Mines is offered as a proprietary game, which is one of five house games provided on the site. 

Mines is a crypto casino game that evolved from the computer game minesweeper, initially released in the early 1960s. The title's simplistic design and exciting gameplay are what led it to its success, eventually morphing into options like Mines at Roobet. 

Since its first release online, the game has transformed into a whole new adventure, allowing top crypto casinos like Roobet to step forward and take charge! Roobet Mines holds a unique finesse, which boasts all the most loved elements of the game. 

From straightforward gameplay to easy-to-achieve returns, you can find out about all the reasons why you should play Roobet Mines right here! Here is a look at the topics focused on in this blog! 


  • What Is Mines At Roobet
  • How To Play Mines At Roobet
  • Why Roobet Is Rated The Best Mines Casino
  • Roobet Mines strategy

What Is Roobet Mines?

The game of Mines is one of crypto gambling's most significant successors, with big names like Roobet casino jumping on board. Mines is one of five proprietary games at Roobet, with other options being Crash, Towers, Dice, and Roulette. Just like its predecessor, minesweeper, Roobet mines provides straightforward play and thrilling wins. 

Mines at Roobet is a setup on a 5x5 grid, making up a total of 25 tiles. The game ranges in difficulty based on the number of mines you have chosen to play with. The standard options are 1, 3, 5, and 10. 

The design of Mines at Roobet is easy on the eye, with all game settings and bets on the left and gameplay on the right. One of the many advantages of playing Roobet Mines is that there is no minimum wager amount, allowing for players to have the chance to reach max payout with small bet sizes. 

Mines at Roobet
How to play Mines at Roobet.

How To Play Mines at Roobet

Roobet Mines is one of online gambling's most attractive offers, with huge amounts of potential earnings in the pipeline. There are plenty of ways to win at Roobet, and one of those ways is Mines. 

If you are new to Roobet, here is a step-by-step guide on how to play Roobet Mines:

Step One: Sign In Or Sign Up At Roobet 

Go to and sign in or sign up. Once you log on, you will be taken to the home page, and right at the top, you will find the Roobet Mines game. 

Step Two: Click On Mines

Now that you are logged in and ready to go, scroll down to Mines and get started. 

Step Three: Place A Wager

Roobet mines are easy to play, with betting on the left of the game. You can choose your betting amount or use the easy bet options to up your bet by ½, 2×, or Max.

Step Four: Bring home the bucks before you bomb out! 

Roobet Mines are the game to play for gamblers looking to up their balance quickly! Further down, you can learn more about the Roobet Mines strategy that works best. 

Why Roobet Is Rated The Best Mines Casino

Even though Mines is a relatively simple game, perfecting it can be tricky. At Roobet, we have focused on giving players a well-rounded experience, complete with high-quality graphics and a user-friendly interface. Like all the other games at Roobet, Mines is provably fair, with players able to verify all results. 

Roobet Mines uses three ingredients to calculate each result:

  • Server Seed - provided by Roobet
  • Client Seed - provided by you
  • Nonce - a number that increases with each bet

Roobet Mines Strategy

Taking the right Roobet Mines strategy approach is critical to bringing home a win. Luckily for you, there is no real Roobet Mines strategy. Instead, players should utilize good gambling practices to ensure no significant losses. 

Good gambling strategies go a long way with any game, and it's no different with Roobet Mines.  Remember, for the best results in your game, start slow, with lots of small bets to up your chances. You will have the best chance of seeing returns by taking your time.

Once you have got the hang of it, you can up the size of your bet, but be sure never to use funds from your daily budget. Roobet supports responsible gambling. 


Roobet is home to more than 2,400 of the top crypto casino games, including a fully equipped sportsbook and five exclusive house games, including Mines. Use the step-by-step guide to playing Roobet Mines above, and make your way across the field towards some explosive wins. 

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