Roobet First To Launch Monopoly Big Baller

Roobet is the first to launch Monopoly Big Baller by Evolution Gaming
August 12, 2022
Published by
Mr Roo

Fun Facts 

RTP: 96.10%

Developer: Evolution Gaming

Multiplier: Yes

Bonus Game: Yes

Mobile: Yes

Here at Roobet we are frontrunners of new experiences and early adopters of games, teamed up with roowards and bonuses makes for a perfect crypto casino experience.

Today we are proud to welcome another new experience to the site! Roobet has launched Monopoly Big Baller by Evolution Gaming before any other casino! This is a new spin on an old favorite! Monopoly Big Baller is a totally new bingo-style gameshow based on one of the world’s best-known board games…Monopoly!

We’re excited to bring this new game to all of our players before anyone else. Let’s get into what Monopoly Big Baller is, and how you can be apart of the action!

Monopoly Ramps Up To Big Baller Status! 

Monopoly Big Baller is a new and exciting game that features live and augmented reality. The bingo-style gameplay offers chance multipliers for increased payouts. Your favorite board game now has a live gameshow twist!

Monopoly Big Baller takes you on a riverboat voyage where the action is centred around an eye-catching ball drawing machine. Numbers are matched, lines are completed, and Mr. Monopoly is always hands-on to accompany you!

This innovative bingo-style game show ramps up the excitement with numerous multipliers that offer increased payout opportunities and extra engaging gameplay.

Play by placing a bet on one to four chance/free space cards. Free space cards act as a drawn number and increase the odds of making a line. After your betting time is over, Mr. Monopoly will pull a lever to place random free spaces and multipliers for your cards.


Multipliers are engaged when a ball or several balls are drawn that correspond with the number with the multiplier on the card.

There are three types of Chance multipliers:

  • Standard - payout on any line containing the selected number
  • Line         - pays out on line win
  • Global     - any winning line on this card receives the multiplied payout

How Monopoly Big Baller At Roobet Works

Once ]free spaces or multipliers have been added to the cards, the ball drawing starts when 20 out of 60 numbered balls have dropped. If the number of a drawn ball matches a number on any of your cards, a daub is automatically placed on that number.

The drawn balls are displayed on your screen, including how many balls remain to be drawn. Red balls have been marked on one or more of your cards. Gray balls do not match any number on any of your cards. If you complete one or more lines on your card, the bet on that card wins.

The Bonus Game

For full-on Monopoly fun, enter the bonus game! Take a trip around the 3D Monopoly board with Mr Monopoly and collect multiplier prizes! 

To participate in the Bonus Game, place a bet on the ‘3 Rolls’ or ‘5 Rolls’ elements on the screen. After betting time is over, random free spaces may land on ‘3 Rolls’ and ‘5 Rolls’ numbers. If all numbers for either bet spot are drawn, the Bonus Game will start right after all 20 numbers are drawn. 

The Bonus Game is played with two dice. If all the numbers for a ‘3 Rolls’ card are drawn, the dice will be rolled three times. If all the numbers for a ‘5 Rolls’ card are drawn, the dice will be rolled five times. If all the numbers are drawn for both Bonus Game cards, two separate Bonus Games will be played one after the other.

How to Get In On Big Baller Action

Getting in on the big baller action is easy, an Mr Roo loves it! You can find it listed on the Roobet site by searching for “Monopoly Big Baller”.

Make your deposits and get started by placing your first bet on one to four chance/free space cards by clicking on the visual elements at the bottom of the game. Mr Monopoly and Mr Roo have teamed up to make this game easy to play and easy to have fun! Do you have what it takes to hit a huge 50x line multiplier?

Get Started Now With Monopoly Big Baller! 

You can get started now with the new game Monopoly Big Baller that is new at Roobet! Monopoly Big Baller brings a fun and innovative playing experience to the Monopoly world where big wins and multipliers are up for grabs. Visit to place your bets and start playing now to be a big baller like Mr. Roo!

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