Roobet Dice: Roll Your Way To The Top Of Your Game

As a game of risk, Roobet Dice is ideal for players that enjoy the thrill of crypto gambling. Roll the Dice and reap the rewards at Roobet.
May 9, 2022
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Mr. Roo

Dice is the oldest casino betting game. Over time, it has evolved into a sleek online version. There are more Dice game variants than before, with online and in-person options. Dice comes with the opportunity to set a bet and win some balance. Roobet Dice is an excellent example of that.

Dice has seen such success due to its well-rounded gaming experience that accommodates a wide range of players. Whether you are a seasoned gambler or just starting, Dice is a great casino game to bring you big wins. 

Although there are thousands of crypto dice games online, Roobet has created a variant that delivers on all fronts; some highlights include a low house edge, provably fair results, and easy game play. 

Roobet Dice is one of the five proprietary games offered on the site, alongside other top-performing casino games like Crash, Mines, Towers, and Roulette. Here is some insight into the game to get you started on the front foot!


  • What Is Roobet Dice
  • How To Play Roobet Dice
  • Why Roobet Is Rated The Best Dice Casino
  • Roobet Dice strategy

What Is Roobet Dice?

Since the beginning, Dice has brought people together to play and place bets. At Roobet, this is offered and then some, with a game of dice unique to the site.

Roobet Dice is a high-quality game that is an essential part of the very essence of the site. You can play Dice in both demo and classic mode. Both options have the potential to add value to your gamble, but only classic play will bring you big wins. 

Thanks to the straightforward gameplay Dice at Roobet is easy to play and only requires a couple of steps to see returns. The game's design is simple, making it easy to set your bets and get started. 

Roobet Dice caters to all players with low minimum bet requirements, followed by high-ranking returns. The minimum bet required for Roobet Dice is 0.01 Roobidos, equivalent to $0.01.

How To Play Roobet Dice
How To Play Roobet Dice

How To Play Roobet Dice

Being a risk game, Roobet Dice is ideal for players that enjoy the thrill of crypto gambling. To roll your way to the top of your game, you will need to kick start the action by entering your bet amount. Players can enter it manually or by using the quick bet feature, which allows you to up your bet by ½, 2×, or to the maximum value. 

Your winnings on Roobet Dice are calculated by multiplying your bet amount by the multiplier displayed at the end of the round. All rewards are added to your Roobet balance instantly. Do you want to join in on the Roobet Dice action? 

Here are the steps to getting started:

Step One: Sign In Or Sign Up At Roobet 

Hop on to and log in. Once you are signed in, you will be taken to the home page. You will need to scroll down to the house game category to find Roobet Dice. 

Step Two: Click On Dice

Logged on and ready to roll; now, all you need to do is click on dice! 

Step Three: Place A Wager

Start your Roobet Dice game by setting a betting amount or use the easy bet options to up your bet by ½, 2×, or Max.

Step Four: Roll Your Way To A Win!  

Dice is a high-stakes game based on luck. Read the Roobet Dice strategy section further down for the best chance at a win. 

Why Roobet Is Rated The Best Dice Casino

Roobet is known industry-wide as one of the best in the game. All games on the site are guaranteed to provide entertainment, rewards, and honest results. The dice game is no different, building a reputation of excellent gambling on all fronts. 

Roobet Mines uses three ingredients to calculate each result:

  • Server Seed - provided by us
  • Client Seed - provided by you
  • Nonce - a number that increases with each bet

Roobet Dice Strategy

Just like the other house games at Roobet, players are always after the perfect strategy. But similarly to the best Mines or Crash strategy, Roobet Dice is a game of chance that requires nothing but good gambling practice to see results. 

Find the best method that works for you, and hit those wins. An excellent place to start is setting a budget and placing your bet. If your bet is successful, give it another go, and go from there! 


Roll the Dice and reap the rewards at Roobet with a masterfully designed game of Dice that guarantees provably fair results that can be verified, along with favorable returns, keeping players coming back for more. 

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