Pre-Fight Interview With Brandon Moreno

Brandon Moreno speaks on Figueirido and other things
January 20, 2023
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Mr. Roo

Our boy, Brandon Moreno, talks all things pre-fight prep, Deiveson Figueirido, and UFC in a one-to-one chat with Roobet!

You’ve now fought Deiveson Figueiredo 3 times. Do you see any weaknesses in his game?

For sure, I mean, I have a lot of respect for Deiveson. He's very tough, and he talked a lot of s*** about me in the last three fights, but I have a lot of respect for him in the end. He's an amazing athlete and an amazing fighter, but I don't know, man. In his soul, in a little part of his soul, he's a quitter, and you will see that in the next one. I promise, but that's the biggest weakness he has!

What active fighters do you respect the most?

Right now, it is weird because I shared the Octagon with many guys I respect, and I really admire them. I don't know, I have a lot of admiration for Alexander, for Max Holloway, for Volkanovski from my people, from my country like Pantera Rodríguez, Alexa Grasso, Aldana, all those guys. And right now I’m very cold, but I remember these names. 

What do you think of Jake Paul trying to do an MMA fight? 

It's interesting, you know, it's crazy how he evolves so much in his boxing. Right now. He’s not a bad fighter. I don't know if he's at his level because he does, he doesn't fight yet against a top opponent, but his level is good and moving to mixed martial arts will be very interesting in the future him.

What did you think of a legend like Anderson Silva participating in a fight with Jake Paul?

Man. A lot of respect for Anderson Silva. He's a living legend right now. I mean, he did everything in mixed martial arts. And for him, with like 40 almost, I don't know, 45, 46 years old, trying to do something different, you know, because boxing for MMA and boxing for boxing is a huge difference, man. It's a huge difference. Because I train boxing as a professional boxer, and it's hard. It's hard. And then, I have a lot of respect for him. You know? He's trying to do his best in a new sport, and he's competing well, very, very well. I know he lost against Jake Paul, but he's a young guy with all the power and strength, right? So all the respect for Anderson Silva.

How did it feel to be the first Mexican to win a UFC championship? I hope they release your Funko for sale someday.

Brother, I know, how crazy? We've been very close there with Funko, but it still needs to be put together. Let's hope it is put together quickly. And what can I tell you? It is an indescribable experience, literally. Everything you feel when you win when your hand is raised. What's more, before you win, you get to see all the public around you before your hand is raised. Of course, there are too many mixed emotions, lots of happiness, but nothing. It's a feeling that I

can't describe with words alone.

Let's go with the second one.

What feeling do you take away from each victory and defeat? What are your thoughts so that you come back to the ring stronger?

Look, every time there is a victory, there is a lot of happiness. I feel thrilled, and more because, just imagine, we do fight camp. We are always training, but then we do fight camp, and we go on a diet. At this moment, I am already superfluous going to my combat and all for the sake of taking the victory, right? You get it, and then nothing. You feel a liberation. You feel that your soul and your body rests a lot. Then you go with your friends and your family and celebrate. And it’s all very nice.

When you lose, I haven’t lost in a long time. I lost my fight against Figuereudo, the third fight in early 2022, and I tell you, I haven’t lost in a long time. It was a strange feeling because I didn’t feel as sad as I did last time. I remember that time when I lost. I felt very sad. I felt this way, disillusioned with myself. This time, of course, I felt disappointed, and of course, I felt sad. But In a way, looking at the fight again, I don’t know. I feel that I gave my all. I left my heart there. Certain things went wrong, and Figuereido also did things right. So nothing, in a way, I left happy.

Obviously half happy because I left with my mind already thinking about what he had to do to get the belt back. I have already recovered a part of it, the interim championship, and now nothing, to close the accounts with Deiveson.

What has been the most satisfying fight of your career and why?

Look, the fight where I won the championship is a closing of a 10-year dream. That’s when I start training, and then my amateur career, I am starting as a professional. I make it to the UFC, to the championship, right? So, imagine how long it took me 10 years to get to that point. Well, it was very satisfying. Another extra could have been Kai Kara France because I remember the UFC cut me from the company. Returned, fought Askar Askarov, draw. And then quickly, that fight was from September 2019.

By December 2019, I get the fight with Kai Kara France. It was a super fight, it was a shootout, and I won. That was also very satisfying for me to show people that I still had the level to be there. I just had to kind of adjust certain things in my game, in y head, but more than anything, I deserve to be in the company. I deserved to be in the UFC.

If you could fight any retired MMA fighter in his prime, with whom would it be?

I always have a lot of trouble when I’m asked that kind of question because the truth is that I don’t know. I have a lot of respect for everyone, don’t I? For all the athletes who have stepped into the octagon. I don’t have a specific opponent in mind. You said: “Against him, I would like to have fought.” Not really.

The truth is that I am very happy where I am. I am very happy with the rivals I have at the moment, and with the history, I am forming. So, nothing, you just put it there which fights would have been interesting to you. I don't know because of the styles or the war that could have been. I don’t know, your comment there.

Could Brandon Moreno beat the Rock Johnson in a street fight?

Of course, gentlemen, and even more so if it’s a street fight, he’s all grown up. Look, I’ll give you an example. He’s all big. Between now and when he reached the ground and catches me, he won’t be able to. I’m going to shoot him with cold bullets. Done. Okay.

What musicians are you currently listening to?

Right now? I hear a lot of Mexican rap. Yeah, a lot of Mexican rap, like Cartel de Santa, Santa Fe Klan, Alemán, and other guys. But yeah, a lot of Mexican rap. I love it. 

What songs pumps up you the most?

I’m very random with the music. I mean today can be Mexican rap, and tomorrow can be like pop in English. I don't know. The next day can be rock, and the next day can be like Mexican music, like Norteño, whatever. You never know with me about talking about music. You never know with me.

What movies or Tv shows are you currently watching?

Right now, I was watching Wednesday with my wife. It's nice. It's a nice TV show. So when I'm close to my fight, I love to rewatch The Last Dance. I'm watching the show again, and it's like, right now is my fifth time watching the show. So yeah, it's like a tradition for me, very close. Like three weeks before the fight. I'm watching the last dance. 

Thoughts on Roobet partner Bruce Buffer?

Bruce Buffer is the best. He’s very nice, always with me. He’s very nice, always with me. We’ll be together in the octagon soon, so I’m excited. Thank you so much, Bruce! Let’s go!

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