NoLimit City Gaming At Roobet

NoLimit City Gaming at Roobet is a popular choice amongst players because of their multiple winning features
August 22, 2022
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Mr Roo

No Limit City is a high ranking provider that has done a superb job at taking Bitcoin gamblers experience to new heights. Established in 2013, this software developer has created a name for themselves as one of the most lucrative and exciting options on the web. Creating all the most in-demand BTC slots, No Limit City is a provider that is going nowhere but up.

The titles on offer are all incredibly unique, with each and every game pushing the limits allowing for an adventure filled with game-changing rewards and exciting play. With a tremendous amount of talent within the design team, each and every title released is loaded up with engaging, fun, and virtual adventures made up of captivating themes and phenomenal gameplay.

Who is Nolimit City?

With their roots sprawling well over 10 long years into the past, this group of dedicated developers is responsible for creating some of the most popular gambling titles out there! And let us tell you that once you see a Nolimit City game, it’s almost impossible to have it mistaken for someone else’s - regardless of how (in)experienced you are as a player!

Everyone who is familiar with the titles like Remember Gulag, San Quentin, or Punk Toilet will most likely be able to recognize one of Nolimit City’s titles. Whether it’s the socially satirical Karen Maneater, or the macabre allure of the Tombstone RIP, the excellent presentation of Nolimit City’s titles makes them stand out from the crowd!

With their headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and a couple of offices around the world (Malta, India, Romania), they are, in their own words, trying to “give the gambling software industry a new perspective”. And so far, we would dare to say that they’ve been rather successful at that.

For the most part, we have to agree. Not only are Nolimit City slots rather distinct visually, but their game mechanics are also rather unconventional. Anyone who got the chance to play any of the Nolimit City slots will recognize the “X” mutators.

These bonus symbols will often be incorporated into one of the games, making them rather unpredictable and very volatile, and players' experience that much more exciting!

Another thing that makes Nolimit City such a good game provider is its comprehensive, portable system platform. It supports everything from mobile to desktop devices so that they do not depend on any external systems! With 100% in-house controlled operations, Nolimit City easily delivers special features and smooth, customizable marketing campaign tools that are tailored to each operator’s specific needs.

Thanks to this, all of Nolimit City games at Roobet can be enjoyed safely, and regardless of what device you’re playing them on!

Nolimit City Games at Roobet

Right now, there are a total of 58 of Nolimit City games available at Roobet. All of them can be played in “Fun mode”, which does not require any deposit. “Real mode” allows you to place wagers on every spin, and win prizes!

Their games come with the aforementioned mutators or the “xFeatures”, as the Nolimit City team themselves refer to them. They introduce a variety of new, exciting, and groundbreaking mechanics to their games. For example:

  • xWays splits up existing symbols to more of the same, increasing the number of symbols, and potential combinations!
  • xNudge pushes a wild into the game, making an entire reel act as a big wild with an added multiplier!

The two original mechanics, as well as multiple other variations of the xFeatures can be frequently found on most of the Nolimit City’s games. When added together, they can allow for insane combo potential!

If you’re not familiar with these mechanics, you may check them out at, by playing featured Nolimit City titles!

Top Nolimit City Games at Roobet

All that’s left is to point you in the right direction and recommend some of the most popular Nolimit City games to try for yourself. If we had a list of favorites, it would definitely include:

To Wrap it up

With so many different Nolimit City games available at Roobet, there’s always something for everyone's taste. Try out some, or all of them, and see why they’ve quickly become one of the online  casinos' most requested game providers!

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