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April 27, 2023
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More games equals more fun, and thankfully, there’s never a shortage of fresh titles in Crypto’s Fastest Growing Casino. Just lately, we’ve added some dazzling new titles to Roobet’s already slot-rich halls for you to enjoy.

With 3,700 unique games to pick from, there’s bound to be something for everyone, and we mean everyone! However, just because we probably have everything already isn’t quite an excuse to get lazy, oh no! It’s always a good idea to expand and take it to the next level, so that is exactly what we did!


Having a case of wanderlust? Hop on over to Rotiki. Get lost amidst the lush vegetation, and discover a mysterious ruin wall surrounded by the chanting Tiki towers! 

This medium volatility slot with cluster pay lines has a 1 in 21,541 chance of granting you the 1,000x max win! With six reels and eight rows that are always active. Spinning and a betting range of 0,5 to 100, Rotiki is perfect for both the risk-takers and those who prefer to take it a bit slower. 

Did we mention how satisfying it is to watch these blocks spin?

Aztec Bonus Pot

If you’re into the tribal-themed slots but prefer something a bit more modern, Aztec Bonus Pot might be just what you need to scratch that itch. With a simple yet beautiful layout of 3x5 tiles, this game is equally simple, enjoyable, and relaxing to play.

Developed by Gaming Corps to be of medium volatility, a lucky spin with a bit of favor from the ancient Aztec gods could net up to 5,000x to the fortunate Roobetters! Just how much exactly that can be is up to the player, as Aztec Bonus Pot accepts bets as low as 0.10 or as high as 50!

Wild Coyote

A throwback to the 90's cartoons, this slot gives the opportunity for all of us who secretly wished that the coyote would finally catch that elusive, annoying, and straight-up cheating bird to do just that! Developed by the folks at OneTouch, Wild Coyote Megaways is a real pleasure to look at, listen to, and play with.

With the lowest bet of 0.20 and the highest one going all the way to 100, this Megaways game can get pretty crazy, pretty fast. How so? Thanks to its 117,649 possible paylines and a 10,000x max win, of course!

Alien Fruits

Fruits, yes, we all know that they’re healthy and that we should try to have more of them. But they’re so painfully plain! If only we could make them vibrant, wacky, and profitable. If only…

Well, where the rest of us failed, BGAMING took a daring leap forward and, through some careful calculation and an otherworldly amount of splicing, brought us Alien Fruits!

Yes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but did you know that the right amount of these, whatever they might be, brings in a max win of 15,000?! Now add min/max betting values of 0.20 and 50, respectively, an RTP of 95.97%, high volatility, and pay lines that pay anywhere. Sounds better by the second, doesn’t it?

Take the Bank

Getting a big win is one thing, but pulling off a bank heist on Take The Bank is on a whole different level! Of course, we’re not suggesting anything, but just imagine the possibilities! Thanks to Betsoft, the mastermind behind this successful endeavor, you may get a taste of how that would feel!

Jobs like these are better when planned ahead and without surprises, so a more steady, medium volatility is very much welcome. The 4x5 grid lets you keep an eye on the operation and get as close to the 225x max win as possible. If you’re asking just how big the payload can get, we’re talking about anywhere from a min of 0.20 to a maximum of 20 per spin.

Get Out There, And Start Playing!

Of course, we could be here for a while, listing all of the new games and giving you a detailed overview of each of those. However, we know that figuring it out for yourself is half the fun, so we’ll let you do just that. Whenever you’re feeling like trying out something new, hop on over to the slot section, and pick some of the new, fresh titles, or look for the hidden gems among the older games. With this many games available, you never know what you may stumble upon.

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