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Dance your way to big wins with Mr.Roos very own Spotify playlists!
September 13, 2022
Published by
Mr. Roo

As you may have realized by now, Mr. Roo is quite the explorer. He’s all about seeking out new adventures and having a great time while doing it! In fact, he’s even started compiling his very own soundtracks to set the tone for his adventures every month and decided to share them with all you Roobetters out there to listen along while you play your favorite games. 

Roo changes his Spotify playlists on a monthly basis so be sure to keep updated on our socials to hear all his latest tracks! Check out what he’s been vibing along to for the past few months below 👇

Summer Slam Vibes

“Let's go to the beach-each, let's go get a wave….”

This is where it all started, folks! As July kicked off, our favourite marsupial swapped his suit out for some speedos,  set his status to OOO and took off to the beach for a month of sun, sea and fruity drinks! As the entire office (except for Pam, of course) slipped into summer mode, Mr. Roo wanted to ensure that the background music matched the laid-back vibes. ☀️

Everyone was feeling the heat and that summer really did seem to last forever! Laying underneath the palm trees, all the California gurls and guys were out, showing everyone that nothing comes close to the golden coast!

Meanwhile, Mr. Roo was living his best life,  ridin’ shotgun underneath the hot sun, and deep sea divin’ round the clock. The slot reels were getting around, round, round and everyone was happy together, even in spite of the heat -  ay, que calor! 

With the perfect background tunes in full swing, Roo was sailin’ along, keeping cool for the summer while the sun was shining and the weather was sweet. He even threw a big beach party to end the month in style and everyone got to enjoy some cake by the ocean!

Playlist Link:

Dungeons and Kangaroos

After getting back from the beach with some fun new memories and a few bad tan lines, Mr. Roo was not prepared for his next adventure. Finding an old board game, Dungeons & Kangaroos, at the back of his closet, he ended up getting sucked into the action - Jumanji-style! With a few of his close allies to keep him company, Roo was forced to spend a whole month in the medieval kingdom of Roobetia - a mythical land where he had to slay dragons and cast spells to stay alive and out of danger. 🐉

In true Roo-style, however, he took on this unexpected challenge like a champ, with some sensational 70’s rock tunes to get him through the month. 

Packing his bags for the Misty Mountains, our kangaroo in shining armor took a chance and rolled the dice as he entered a world of forgotten realms and magick spells. Encountering everything from orcs and half-elves to dice throwers and rock ‘n rollers, there were more stranger things than he had ever witnessed before. But Roo was never one to back down from a challenge which is why he knew he must stand and fight, for victory!

The DM may have made his life tough, but Roo powered through like Icarus, until this seemingly never-ending story finally came to an end when he found a way to open up the vortex leading back to Roobet HQ. 

Playlist link:

Roo’s Round 3 Knockout

Back home safely, it’s no rest for the wicked as Mr. Roo gears up for his next big exploit this month. If you haven’t been keeping up with him lately, here’s a hint for you - he’s trading his passion for glory and rising up to the challenge of his rival. 🥊

After returning to Roobet HQ, he immediately sensed that something wasn’t quite right… as it turns out, he’s been moved into the broom closet, and someone or something has taken over as Roobet CEO in his absence 🤖 Not one of to back down from a challenge, Roo is training like the greats to take back what’s rightfully his!

Playlist link:

Keep Your Ear To The Ground

Don’t forget to stay tuned to all our Roobet socials to get access to his latest Spotify playlist and be sure to share it around with your buddies at your next get together, so everyone can enjoy Roo’s great taste in tunes! 

Link to Roobet Spotify Account:

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