King Roo: How To Become The King Of The Hill!

The most popular event at Roobet is King Roo. Take the throne and a percentage of wagers site wide!
May 13, 2022
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Mr. Roo

One of the most significant highlights at Roobet is the quality game list and a massive line-up of events. Mr. Roo always manages to pull off a selection of exciting events for players to enjoy! The most popular event at Roobet is King Roo. Once you take the throne you will realize why. It is an action-packed quest to grab the Kings crown.  It happens every two weeks for a whopping 24 hours at a time! 


  • What is King Roo 
  • King Roo rules
  • King Roo payouts at Roobet

What Is King Roo 

King Roo is an event that is hosted on-site at Roobet fortnightly, with the crown claimer upping their winnings and increasing the level of fun. The event is run on a leaderboard system, and the aim of King Roo at Roobet is to hit a multiplier of at least 100x value on any slot, site wide, with a minimum bet of $1. 

King Roo Rules:

King Roo is a high return event for those that have managed to claim the crown. In order to qualify for the runnings, you will need to make a minimum wager of $1 or more and hit a multiplier of 100x or higher. The higher the multiplier is, the better your chances are of becoming king. 

The event is hosted for 24 hours at a time, with the occasional celebration, which calls for a 48-hour event. Once you have become king, players will receive a percentage of all slot wagers site-wide. 

When is The Next King Roo?

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King Roo Payouts At Roobet 

Roobet has built a reputation of efficacy, trustability, and rewards which can all be attributed to the fast payout, and secure banking, which extends far beyond just fast withdrawals. With that being said, King Roo successors can enjoy extremely frequent payouts, which can typically be expected multiple times per second. 

Being king can lead to some large winnings. The longer you hold the title, the bigger your winnings will be! If you manage to make the list as one of the highest earners, your Roobet username will feature on the leaderboard on the slot page. 

Once you are king, you can watch your balance climb with real-time payouts, which will appear in your balance and transactions history. The King Roo reward payments are labeled as “koth,” which stands for the king of the hill! 

The final top 10 King Roo’s to take the throne during the event will be listed on a leaderboard and posted on Mr. Roo’s social channels, helping those Roobet royals to live it up in the limelight! 

Use Your King Roo Winnings To Win MORE! 

King Roo comes with endless opportunities. One of the best ways to stay in the running is to claim the crown and use your winnings to keep the crown! You can also use your King Roo winnings to wager on any one of the 2,400+ games on Roobet and the sportsbook, or just withdraw them and enjoy. 

Other Ways To Win At Roobet 

There are other regular Roobet events that bring other exciting ways to win. Here are the other events to look forward to:

  • The RoobetLIVE Party 
  • On-site giveaways
  • Roowards

Become A Royal At Roobet By Taking The Crown! 

From Roowards to King Roo, Roobet always has a way for you to win! Make sure you are locked and loaded by the time the next King Roo comes around, so you have a shot at the top! 

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Become King Roo and take your share from every wager across all slots. The longer you stay King, the more you'll earn. Stay on top!
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