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September 1, 2022
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Mr Roo

Being trend setters sure isn’t easy - but it’s a ton of fun! That’s why you can catch us on every major social platform! Then you can be the first to know about the latest events and upcoming or ongoing promotions! It is the perfect way to comfortably keep up with Mr. Roo’s breakneck pace - or at least the very highlights of it. 

As of right now, you can regularly catch us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram. We also have a Twitch channel where we stream any eSports and gaming event that we’re involved with. There are also Discord and Reddit communities, and for more information on us as a company, you can take a look at our LinkedIn profile! The most recent addition to the list is our YouTube channel which we’ll get to in a moment.

What Are The Kangaroos Tweeting?

Twitter is mostly seen as our primary channel for staying in touch with our favorite community - the Roobetters. That’s you, by the way! It’s not that we’re not showing the same amount of love to the other social or posting some sort of exclusive Twitter-only announcements, no.

However, Twitter is the only place where you’ll be able to see and take part in some of our giveaways. What giveaways? Well, we’re glad you’ve asked!

We do daily, weekly, monthly, and all the in-between sort of giveaways on our Twitter account. Other than some valuable stuff that we think you’d like, we also do giveaways of Roobet balance! There’s never a short supply of opportunities to win, like $1,500 giveaways, Streamer of the Week, Spot the Difference, Find Mr. Roo, Guess the Slot.

If you’re up for a raffle and are feeling lucky, our official Twitter account is one page that you’ll want to be following! 

Mr. Roo Did It For The ‘Gram

Staying up to date on all of our events and promos is probably easiest to do by following us on Instagram. It’s the way this particular social platform is built that allows you to effortlessly keep up with our feed, which makes it so good and popular at the same time. Aside from simply staying up to date with these events, you’ll also have instant access to all of them, directly from the page!

Being the most popular social media at this time, pretty much everyone is on it - our partners included! That’s why other than the aforementioned promos and events, on our official Instagram page, you can expect to see a lot of updates on our ambassadors as well.

Game On - We’re On Twitch!

We’re all about games after all, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re very active on Twitch as well. You can find one of our partners active at pretty much any given time! Our partners are doing all kinds of live content. From simply playing games on for you and their own entertainment to hosting various events. 

One such event is RoobetLIVE Party, hosted every other Thursday by our long-time partner, and overall amazing Twitch streamer, Kyharr

During this event, you can, as part of the audience, impact Kyharr’s decisions, and actively take part in the stream, while having a chance to win some cash from the prize pool of $7,500!

If you’re a streamer yourself, try luring Mr. Roo into your streams! If you’re successful, he or someone from the office will definitely hop to you, bringing gifts with them!

Next Up, YouTube!

What’s on RooToube? Umm, pardon, we meant YouToube, yes, YouTube! 

Primarily, we wanted a platform where we could show you some of the behind-the-scenes from special events. This includes the thing that we do with our partners and ambassadors who may happen to be some of your favorite athletes or influencers! If this is the case, then our YouTube channel is the perfect opportunity to learn a new thing or two about them!

We’re planning to post new videos twice a week, which should provide all of you with a constant feed of fresh Roobet content. This video will be of different lengths and formats. Expect to see shorts as well as longer videos, where we’ll go in-depth on the topics at hand.

Keep your eyes on those announcements - the channel will be launching any time soon!

We Hop Around

There are, of course, other socials that we’re on.  As mentioned earlier, there’s Facebook, which, as a grandfather of modern social media, doesn't really need much introduction. Both Facebook and Telegram, are not much different from the rest of the socials, but we like giving you a choice on where to keep up with the latest Roobet news.

LinkedIn takes a bit more formal, or should we say, “proofessional” take on the whole social media thing. But don’t get intimidated, it’s still the same bunch of jolly marsupials under the hood.

Last but not least, there’s Reddit. This widely popular, community-based social media with a forum structure would be the perfect palace to start a discussion on anything Roobet-related. In fact, with Reddit’s user base being as big as it is, chances are that someone already beat you to it, and is already debating on that topic!

Hit Us Up! Anywhere, Anytime!

As you’ve probably figured out, staying in touch in this day and age is rather effortless. You’re presented with so many options and are free to choose the one which suits what you need the most. 

So go ahead, get connected! Subscribe to our channel and follow our pages, give us a like, an upvote, or an award if you think we’ve earned it, or drop a comment saying how we can improve! 

See you on the web, Roobetters!


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