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August 1, 2023
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Renowned badass of combat sports, Nate Diaz (22-13-0), will go head-to-head with global superstar Jake Paul (6-1-0) on Saturday, August 5th, setting the stage for one of the most epic showdowns of all time.

The highly anticipated boxing event, "Ready 4 War," will feature a thrilling matchup. Taking place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, the contest promises to be a riveting spectacle.

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Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul: The Facts On the Roobet Sportsbook

Following Jake Paul's defeat by Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia earlier in the year, talks of an immediate rematch emerged. However, plans shifted when reports surfaced about a potential bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and KSI before the Fury rematch.

On April 12th, the exciting news broke that Paul would step back into the ring against mixed martial arts fighter Nate Diaz in an eight-round bout. Notably, this event would mark Diaz's professional boxing debut. As the anticipation continued to build, in June, it was revealed that both parties agreed to extend the fight to ten rounds, a decision they confirmed on social media.

Unlike an ordinary fight, breaking down the technical nuances of the matchup between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz can be less intricate. As relative newbies compared to the best boxers in the world, their approaches to boxing are more straightforward.

Paul's prowess lies in his impressive right hand, which he has demonstrated over the course of his seven professional boxing matches. The speed and power with which he delivers this punch have improved significantly, evident in his recent knockout victory over Tyron Woodley. 

Paul's jab is decent, a positive sign for an inexperienced boxer. He varies his style, indicating a level of adaptability. While he may not be an advanced boxer, he has shown cleverness in building strategies around his strengths.

Diaz, on the other hand, lacks a professional boxing record, making tape study impossible. However, his work in the UFC gives valuable insights into his approach in the ring. Diaz exhibits fluid movement and excellent strike combinations, skills equally vital in both MMA and boxing.

With a focus on body attacks and high-volume striking rather than knockout shots, Diaz's approach sets him apart. His impressive record of landing the third-most strikes in UFC history at 2487 highlights his fighting style.

Although we haven't seen Diaz in a professional boxing match, his reputation for skilled boxing in the UFC suggests his transition to the ring should be seamless.

Considering these factors, Diaz holds the edge in technique, giving him a slight advantage in the upcoming fight against Paul.

Bet On Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz At Roobet Sportsbook

Within UFC circles, Diaz earned a reputation for his incredible toughness, enduring significant punishment without being knocked out clean in his 35 pro fights. Despite being quick to bleed, he remains a challenging opponent to stop, even withstanding a flush head kick from Josh Thomson without going down.

While his toughness is commendable, it also indicates a vulnerability in his defence. Diaz absorbed an average of 3.77 significant strikes per minute in the UFC, and his striking defence rate of 52% is lower than any of his last five opponents, including Tony Ferguson. This raises questions about his defensive capabilities in boxing, and we cannot predict how he will fare in this different arena.

On the other hand, statistics on Paul's defence in boxing are less readily available than they are for Diaz. Nevertheless, he has displayed resilience, never experiencing a knockout or serious harm in his fights. Surviving bouts with opponents like Woodley, Anderson Silva, and Tommy Fury attests to his durability.

While Paul may leave himself open when throwing power shots, he has managed to avoid significant injury in his matches so far. Although it remains challenging to determine who holds the advantage in this respect, based on the available information, Paul seems to have the edge in terms of defense.

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