Its NFL Season At Roobet

Join Mr. Roo in all the excitement of the 2022 NFL Season
September 13, 2022
Published by
Mr. Roo

Roobetters, we hope you’re ready for the 103rd season of the National Football League because it is scheduled to start on September 8th! The defending Super Bowl LVI champion – the Los Angeles Rams – will be hosting the Buffalo Bills in the seasons opening game! Who else is excited?!

You’d probably never have guessed, but Mr. Roo is a huge fan of American football, and he’s been amped up about it for days! Truth be told, we’re all pretty excited about it, and can’t wait to see how the upcoming season plays out.

Regardless of how it goes from the playoffs, one thing’s for sure – you'll find an extensive amount of NFL betting opportunities in Roobet’s Sportsbook! If you’re looking to turn up the excitement levels to a maximum, look no further, and place a bet on one of the upcoming games!

Follow The NFL At Roobet

So far, most of the prediction lists include either the Buffalo Bills, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Rams, or Green Bay Packers as their top-rated favorite. Oftentimes, more than one of these teams are listed together.

Of course, the predictions don’t always turn out to be true, even when they’re backed by numbers and statistics. But we all have our own because they’re what makes the outcome of a game a bit personal, and incomparably more enjoyable! Mr. Roo has his, we all have ours, but what about you?

Which are the teams that are on your list of favorites, and who you’ll be betting on this season? We’ve filled the NFL section of the Roobet Sportsbook with all different sorts of betting options, so you can share them with us!

Even now, there are numerous pre-betting predictions available, and waiting for you to place your bets on them!

The most popular ones are of course in the “Winner” and “Total“ markets. At these, you can place a pretty straightforward bet on the winner of the match, and the overall number of points scored. Pretty simple, right?

Half-time, or match winner? First, last, or any quarter in between? Less, or more than a specific amount of points throughout the game, or during a specific quarter? These, and many more options are all available to you in Roobet Sportsbook when betting on the NFL!

Of course, if you’re feeling clairvoyant, you can mix things up with a combo prediction! Mixing together the half-time winner bet, with, for example, up to four quarterly bets is not just there for entertainment and bragging rights. These multi bets will do wonders for your total odds, drastically increasing your overall winnings!

Bet And Win Big On NFL At Roobet

For all of you NFL and American Football fans in general, Roobet Sportsbook is a place that you have to visit! Make sure you check it out and use your knowledge of the games and teams to take advantage of our betting opportunities, and huge win possibilities!

And if not the NFL, there are always plenty of other sports and eSports waiting for you to bet on! We do extensive coverage on pretty much every sport you can think of, or at least the most popular ones!

So let us place our bets, and hope for the best NFL season yet, and even better odds!

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