All In August! Get Your Fill Of Roobet Slots, Poker & Esports The Whole Month!

Besides slots at Roobet there are many ways to grab your share of the massive $400,000 prize pool this month!
August 5, 2023
Published by
Mr. Roo

Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, because we’re gearing up for an exhilarating August, packed with surprises and generous rewards to celebrate all Roobetters, near and far. Regardless of whether you're a sports, poker, or Roobet slots fan, the world's fastest-growing crypto casino warmly welcomes players from all gaming backgrounds to revel in the festivities.

Having taken you on cosmic adventures and thrilling secret agent missions, our focus throughout August is on creating an inclusive environment where every player can embrace their unique style of casino gameplay. This month is all about celebrating our big selection of games at Roobet, promising entertaining experiences and substantial prizes.

Prepare for a thrilling month full of unexpected joys and incredible rewards - a jaw-dropping $400,000 in cash prizes will be up for grabs during this exciting period. 

Week 1 - $50,000 Points Tourney

Week 1 kicks off the celebrations with a Points Tourney, featuring a $50,000 prize pool, where you can showcase your spinning skills, climb the leaderboards, and claim your share of the winnings.

Here are the key details:

  • Event Duration: August 1st (9:00 EST) to August 6th (23:59 EST)
  • Minimum bet: $1.00
  • 25 winners
  • $50,000 prize pool
  • Earn points based on rounds played and hitting different multipliers during the tournament.

Week 2 - Roo’s All-In August 100K Raffle 

Next up is Roo’s All-In August Raffle, running from August 7th till August 20th. With a $100,00 prize pool, you definitely won’t want to miss out on this one. Your favorite Roobet slots are waiting so just play ‘em to your hearts’ content to get the ball rolling and collect as many tickets as you can.

Check out the full details below:

  • 1 ticket per $500 wagered site wide
  • 5 tickets per $500 wagered on: Chaos Crew
  • $100,000 Prize Pool
  • 100 Winners
  • $10,000 Grand Prize

Roo’s Multi-Win Missions

From August 7th to August 13th, all you esports fans out there can flex your skills thanks to Roo’s Multi-Win missions. Just like playing your favorite First Person Shooter games, you get to take shots by racking up streaks of consecutive wins on any Roobet slots.

Learn more about these missions below before you embark on them.

  • Head Shot mission: achieve a streak of 4 winnings (1 in 40 spins)

Reward: 5 Free Spins worth $0.10 each on Sugar Rush

  • Lucky Shot mission: achieve a streak of 7 winnings (1 in 600 spins)

Reward: 5 Free Spins worth $1.00 each on Sugar Rush

  • Sniper Shot mission: achieve a streak of 9 winnings (1 in 3,800 spins)

Reward: 10 Free Spins worth $2.00 on Sugar Rush

Play Slots At Roobet During All In August!

Week 3 - Roo’s Poker Face Missions

Its not just about slots at Roobet this month! The third week of the month is dedicated to all the Poker enthusiasts in the crowd. Just like the most popular Poker hands, Roo’s Poker Face Missions will give you different rewards. The higher the hand is, the more difficult it is to achieve and therefore the higher your reward will be.

Four of a kind Mission - rewards $100 

  • Deposit $200
  • Wager $200
  • Win $200
  • Get a 200x multiplier

Three of a kind Mission - rewards 10 Free Spins worth $1.00 each 

  • Deposit $500
  • Wager $500
  • Win $500

Two pairs Mission - rewards 5 Free Spins worth $1.00 each 

  • Wager $100
  • Wager $200
  • Win $100
  • Win $200

Full House Mission - rewards 15 Free Spins worth $1.00 each 

  • Wager $200
  • Wager $300
  • Win $100
  • Win $300
  • Win $600

Week 4 - Roo’s $50,000 Cash Drop

The big finale of our month of Roobetters will not disappoint! During the final week of August, a total of 1,370 prizes will be randomly awarded to the players who play any Roobet slot with a minimum qualifying bet of $0.20. Every day one prize will be given away to a random qualified player, but you will have to opt-in to participate.

These are just some of the prizes you can expect to rain down from above during the drop: 

  • 300 rewards of $10 cash each
  • 100 rewards of $20 cash each
  • 100 rewards of $25 cash each
  • 50 rewards of $50 cash each
  • 350 rewards of 10 Free Spins worth $1 each
  • 100 rewards of 20 Free Spins worth $2 each
  • 100 rewards of 25 Free Spins worth $2 each
  • 50 rewards of 50 Free Spins worth $2 each
  • 100 rewards of 10 Free Spins worth $5 each
  • 50 rewards of 20 Free Spins worth $5 each
  • 50 rewards of 25 Free Spins worth $5 each
  • 20 rewards of 50 Free Spins worth $10 each

Get Your Fill of Roobet Slots, Poker, Esports and More 

As you can see, Roobet really is going all-out this month. Featuring a Points Tourney concludes, a whopping $100,000 Raffle, thrilling esports missions rewarding your winning streaks, a special week dedicated to poker enthusiasts and an additional $50,000 in Prize Drops, you’re bound to have a ball.  There are also more delightful surprises coming your way but we can't reveal all the secrets just yet…. rest assured that countless opportunities to win extra cash await at every turn!

Join our gaming celebration full of unexpected twists and make the most of the winning opportunities that August has in store. Don't miss out on the fun and freebies – head over to Roobet to start unveiling the delightful surprises that await!

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