Fire Up With Roobets IEM Brazil CS:GO First Map Insurance Offer

Enjoy CSGO with a First Map insurance offer from Roobet
April 19, 2023
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Before we fully embrace the recently and very unexpectedly announced, Counter-Strike 2, we can still have a lot more fun to be had with the original CS: Global Offensive. As one of the more important competitions on the CS:GO scene, the IEM heads back to Rio after a massive success in Katowice this in February, and brings us something to look forward to – IEM Brazil 2023!

The upcoming tournament is to be held in Rio de Janeiro’s Jeunesse Arena, which, being one of the world's biggest venues of this type, can welcome more than 18,000 visitors. CS:GO enthusiasts among you will recognize it as a place of the last IEM Brazil, from the November of 2022.

It is safe to assume that the 16 competing esports teams will have all the morale boost they need to push for the $250,000 prize pool once the hall starts echoing with the cheers of their fans. We can’t wait to hear it.

Speaking of teams and the lineup, the IEM Brazil will open up with two matches being played at the same time.

So pick between watching Virtus Pro vs. Ninjas In Pyjamas or keeping up with the IHC Esports vs. Natus Vincere, both played on the tournament's first day.

The Roobet First Insurance Offer For The Tournament

If that’s not enough excitement for you, we’ve got something to spice things up a bit. IEM Brazil First Map Insurance promo is here for all of you looking to make it a bit more personal and high stakes! If you’ve been with us for a while, you probably know how our insurances work, but here’s a quick rundown.

You have to pick your favorite Counter-Strike team and place a single bet on them between April 17th and 23rd. In order to qualify, the bet must be made before the match starts, and you have to wager at least $10 on it.

Should your team come out victorious from the first map, even if they eventually lose the game, we’ll be refunding up to $100 of your wager as a free bet! Wagering any amount greater than $10 is totally fine, but the free bet refunds will only be batched up to $100.

How To Use The IEM Brazil CSGO - First Map Insurance | April 17th - 23rd:

Place a minimum bet of $10

It has to be a pre-match, single bet

Bets on all IEM Brazil CS:GO match will qualify

We will refund up to $100 of your wager if your team loses the game after winning the first map

Don't Miss Out On The Action

If previous experiences are anything to go by, we’re in for a spectacle. Considering the countless memorable moments and heightened emotions at the previous IEM at Jeunesse Arena, we expect nothing less from the fans this time around. Back in 2022, all of the IEM’s tickets were sold out only three hours after being made available for purchase. It’s safe to say that Brazil certainly has an interest in this type of competition, and we can’t wait for the sound of the first shot.

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