Emerald King Rainbow Road At Roobet

Play Emerald King Rainbow Road slot at Roobet and enjoy a 20 000x multiplier
August 31, 2022
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Mr Roo

Software Provider: Pragmatic Play

Game Type: Video Slot 

Theme: Leprechaun

Paylines: 20

Reels: 5

Mobile-Friendly: No

Bonus Game: Yes

Free Spins: No

Multiplier: x20,000

Autoplay: No

What’s Emerald King Rainbow Road All About?

The Emerald King returns to grace us with his majestic presence once again! After a year of prosperous reign, the friendly leprechaun adorns his royal regalia and sets off to share the wealth with the world, one more time! 

Get your lucky four-leaved clover with you, and let’s take a walk down the Emerald King’s Rainbow Road to see if we can find the fabled pot of gold at its end!

What’s On The Reels Of Emerald King Rainbow Road?

Emerald King Rainbow Road is a colorful and lighthearted slot game. The backdrop consists of a static image of a clear sky, framed with vertical rainbow lines on the sides, and a couple of clouds occasionally drifting in the distance.

The bright and vibrant tiles themselves are almost creating a rainbow-like pattern once they start spinning. Together with the happy-sounding, presto-tempo flute tunes, Emerald King Rainbow Road feels almost mesmerizing to play!

The tiles can have “10”, “J” and “Q” which are the lowest, “K”, and “A” as the mid-tier, and the special “Emerald King” that gives you the highest potential multiplier! They can reward anything from x0.50 to x25 multiplier, depending on the symbol, and the amount of those that you can line up.

Special and scatter reels are definitely a step up from the normal ones. One of those features the game’s titular Emerald King, wearing his iconic green top hat, with an emerald inlaid crown around it. The other is the leprechaun’s iconic pot of gold, supposedly waiting at the end of the Rainbow Road. I guess we’ll find out if that’s really the case soon enough!

What to Watch For In Emerald King Rainbow Road?

Opportunity and mechanics are where the Emerald King Rainbow Road truly shines. Don’t get fooled by its simplistic layout, this game has a lot to offer!

As previously mentioned, the most you can get from the regular reels is a multiplier of x25, if you’re lucky enough to get and connect five of the “Emerald King” tiles. That’s a pretty generous multiplier on its own, but compared to the potential x20,000 that Emerald King Rainbow Road can net you, its shine fades in comparison! So how do you win big in this game?

Pick Me Bonus

One way to win big is by triggering the Pick Me Bonus. If three, four, or five “eliminator” scatters land on any of the reels, it will happen automatically. Then you’ll have to pick and eliminate those same scatter tiles, one by one until there’s only one left. The value of the reel will reveal itself as you select it, and the value of the last one is the amount of coins that you’ll win!

The Mini-Slot Bonus

Then there’s the mini-slot bonus which occurs when all of the five reels stop on a green background. The rainbow spreads over a random reel and a tiny “Lucky 7” slot machine with three reels is revealed! It will keep spinning for as long as you manage to win anything, ranging from x1 to x15 the bet amount.

Rainbow Road

Last but most certainly not least is the Rainbow Road itself. This fun mini-game with maxi-prizes is what you came here for! Simply land three or more scatters with the image of the Emerald King himself, and the bonus game will start.

You’re once again greeted with the mini slot, but this time it serves as a die for what can be described as Emerald King’s take on the Ludo game. Pull the mini-slots lever and get a random number up to six, or a “collect” symbol.

Get it to stop on a number, and you’ll move that many spaces across the board, with each step increasing the multiplier of your win up to x20,000 should you make it to the very end. Land on a mini-slot field and you get to play the same mini-slot game from the regular bonus round!

Our Thoughts On Emerald King Rainbow Road

Emerald King Rainbow Road is a fun slot to play on. Its high volatility and a plethora of bonus games with the possibility of bonus spins make every spin more exciting! Considering that the max win under normal circumstances is x500, it is undoubtedly what the Pragmatic Play team was going for.

Despite the bright and colorful theme, Emerald King Rainbow Road lacks the presentational polish and grace of royalty. With its dated-looking reels and imagery, it’s hardly a competitor for the most interesting-looking game out there. But give it a chance, and its many mini-games might just surprise you!

This game is packed with exciting mechanics, bonus games, and of course, the 20,000x multiplier potential!

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