Come Out Swinging With Roo's $100 000 Knockout

Join Roo on his latest mission and win big!
September 12, 2022
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Mr Roo

Straight back from his quest, landing with a bang.  As the smoke clears, Mr Roo slowly opens his eyes and looks down. No armor, no sheath, just his purple slacks, iconic boots and a board game he is never ever opening again...

...but you never know, so Mr Roo does what Mr Roo does and puts the adventure box right where he found it, just in case.

Feeling like it's been a Dark Age since he's been home at Roobet, Mr Roo leaves his office to find the rest of the Roobet team to announce his arrival. Once the door slams behind him, he is met with... silence.

No, no, no - there should be music, there should be excitement; what happened to the fun? In place of the usual work commotion, all Roo can hear is the clicky clacky of keyboards, the AC kicking in, and the copier struggling to do its one job (In this case, that stayed the same).

In the midst of this confusion, one of Mr Roo's employees approached him - finally, a familiar face!

"I'm so sorry, sir, but I couldn't finish the 10,000-word review on Quarter 1's performance you wanted, but I swear it'll be done tonight!"

Before a thought could be conjured in Mr Roo's head, a once good friend now turned scared employee rushed back to their cubicle.

To be fair, Mr Roo didn't understand a lot of those words that kangaroo said, but he could gather one thing: he would never request boring work.

"Something isn't right, and I'm going to get to the bottom of it.", he thought and turned back to his office for answers. As he approached the door, he realized his door plaque, once containing the beautiful phrase "ROOBET CEO", had been changed.


In a fit of rage, Mr Roo makes himself heard on the office floor. "Who here is in charge?!"

All heads shift to the other end of the floor as an office door opens, and a weirdly familiar figure emerges.

What appeared looked like Mr Roo and walked like Mr Roo but was just a shell of metal and iron hellbent on making the office its worst self: BORING.

From the speakers of the machine marsupial, the villains' voice spoke:

"1 kn3w d1z d4y w0uLd c0m3!"

Welcome to Roos $100 000 Knockout! Where the winner takes home a priceless reward: Roobet. Can Mr Roo train like the greats and defeat the machine? Join in on the fight for Roobet and win!

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