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Roobet sportsbook is proud to present the very best in online crypto betting with its MMA offering. Bet on MMA at Roobet today!
May 12, 2022
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Roobet sportsbook is proud to present the very best in online crypto betting with its MMA offering, which has become one of the most-followed sports onsite. Not only is it watched worldwide, but it has, over time, become one of the most bet on sports at online crypto casinos. 

If you are a combat sports enthusiast, chances are you have heard of mixed martial arts or MMA. It is a full-contact sport that allows fighters to use various martial arts techniques to defeat their opponent. The sport is popular in South American countries, including Brazil but also has worldwide appeal. 

Follow our tips on how to bet on MMA at Roobet and increase your chances of winning.

Different MMA Betting Opportunities At Roobet

Betting on MMA brings an extra element to an already intense sport. Fans of mixed martial arts can feel like participants in the match thanks to the investment options offered by sites like Roobet offering sports betting online. 

MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a sport that has recently been considered a sporting discipline and added to the Roobet sportsbook. In this discipline, a great variety of combat techniques are used.  

Unlike other contact sports such as boxing, a more significant number of manoeuvers are legal such as punches, kicks, knees, elbows, braces, and more. This sport is also known as the UFC, the acronym for Ultimate Fighting Championship. 

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is considered the most prestigious of all contact sports, mainly because it houses most of the best fighters in the world ranking and its massive audience. 

UFC matches are present at most prominent events worldwide, like the Olympic Games or the World Cup. This has made UFC and MMA betting a highly lucrative option for Roobet sportsbook users.


MMA Line Betting At Roobet Sportsbook

The most common way to bet on MMA fights is the line bet. Each fight will have a winner and a loser, and bettors must select which fighter they believe will win the fight. Since line betting is so straightforward for MMA and the UFC specifically, make sure you find the best odds for good profits.

Example of the money line MMA bet 

For example, wrestler A might have odds of -220 while wrestler B might have odds of +150. This clearly shows that fighter B is the weakest. A bet on fighter A would cost $ 200 to win $ 100. On the other hand, a bet on fighter B would cost $ 100 to make a profit of $ 150. In online MMA betting, line bets are the easiest to place as they simply require a bettor to choose the winner of the fight.


Over / Under MMA Betting

Slightly different from football or basketball totals, betting on totals or rounds in MMA fights is all about the length rather than goals or points. Roobetters can decide if the fight will last several rounds or if it will end in the beginning phases. The Roobet sportsbooks will post a total of the rounds, and bettors have to select whether they think the fight will last more or less than the sportsbook's total. 


Examples Of Over / Under Betting In MMA

To better understand this type of bet, we show you these examples:

In a typical three-round UFC fight, the over/under is set at 2.5 rounds.

With this market, you have to predict whether or not the fight will exceed the total. In this case, players who bet more than 2.5 rounds need the fight to last up to at least 2:30 minutes in the third round. Players who bet less than 2.5 rounds need this fight to end before the midpoint of the third round. You can also bet on whether or not a fight starts round X.

MMA Bets On Outcome Decision

Another popular bet on the Roobet sportsbook is based on a final decision of outcome. In combat sports, a decision results from a fight or match that does not end in a knockout or submission. Then the scorecards of the three judges are consulted to determine the winner, with a majority decision result.

There are a variety of different decision bets that are determined by the scorecards. A Unanimous Decision is when all three judges score in one contestant's favor. A split decision is when two judges score in one contestant's favor and one judge scores for the opponent. The decision by the majority is when two judges score in the same contestant's favor.


Bets By Decision 

  • Knockout Bet (KO)- This bet occurs when a wrestler falls to the ground legally due to blows and does not respond to the referee's account. A referee may immediately call a knockout without counting if he has determined that the blows have rendered a fighter unconscious and/or otherwise unable to respond to the count. 
  • Technical knockout (TKO) - Occurs when the referee stops a fight because he has determined that one of the fighters is injured, making him unable to defend himself in a meaningful way.
  • Bet by Technical Decision - This means a fight must be stopped due to a header. If the fight has exceeded a certain number of rounds, the judges' scorecards can be used to determine a winner.
  • Technical Tie Bet - Must be wagered when the judges cannot determine a winner when the fight goes to the scorecards due to a header.
  • No Competition Bet - This bet is used for a fight that ends for external reasons, which does not result in a win, loss, or draw.
  • Referee Technical Decision Bet - The bet is made when, during any rest period between rounds, a boxer refuses to continue or is pulled by his corner, forcing the referee to end the fight.
  • Bet on Disqualification - Occurs when a bout is stopped before a knockout or a decision by the judges because, intentionally, one or both contestants have committed a repeated flagrant foul against an opponent or have violated other rules. The disqualified boxer automatically loses.
  • Submission Bet - Occurs when a fighter yields to the opponent. The fighter who gives in loses the fight. A technical submission is ruled when the referee or doctor stops the fight because a fighter cannot continue in combat. This usually happens if a submission move renders a fighter unconscious before he can submit or if he sustains an injury due to a submission move.
Bet on MMA at Roobet's Sportsbook
Bet on MMA at Roobet

Other Types Of Betting On MMA 

While Roobet offers the usual sports betting options on MMA fights, there can be other opportunities to make money on these challenges.

An excellent example of proposed bets involves "Performance of the Night" and "Fight of the Night," to mention but a few. 

This form of betting focuses on the details of the fight rather than who will be the winner. They focus primarily on the number of points awarded, the method of victory, and other closely related factors to determining the winner. Proposal bets can offer more options for the bettor and more variety.


Some examples of proposal bets or prop bets are:

  • The victory method
  • The fight to get the distance (how long will the fight last)
  • Round bets
  • And the handicap of points (a method that helps avoid the problems that can arise from ties).


Betting on MMA to Combat At A Distance

 Bet on whether the combat will go the distance or not. The possible selections are only 2: Yes or No. In this type of special bet, you return to stellar combat. You simply have to bet that the fight will go the distance without choosing a favorite. If you bet $ 10 on the fight to complete five rounds, no matter who wins, you would collect $ 26, your $ 10, plus $ 16 in profit.


MMA Betting On Knockdowns Or Takedowns

If a wrestler suffers a concussion and falls but can get up, he is said to have suffered a knockdown and receive an 8-second protection count. The judges determine if he can continue fighting; if not, a technical knockout is declared. This bet deals with the knockdowns or knockdowns that a wrestler can have. If you hit the number of these, you will be the winner of the bet.


MMA betting On Disqualification Or DQs

 Bet on which fighter will win the match by KO / TKO (technical KO) or DQ (disqualification). For this bet, there are possible selections such as Fighter 1 by KO / TKO / DQ, Fighter 1 by Decision / Technical Decision, Fighter 2 by KO / TKO / DQ, and Fighter 2 by Decision / Technical Decision.

 When betting on disqualification or DQs, the fighter will lose via disqualification. The fight will be won this way if the referee stops it before a technical KO or by the judges' decision due to a repeated violation of the rules. 


Betting in MMA On Handicap Of Points

With this bet, you have to guess which player will score the most points at the end of the fight. The Point Handicap in MMA is the advantage or disadvantage that is given to a particular fighter with a series of points. For example, playing for a wrestler with a Handicap of -10.5 points will only make his bet win if his wrestler wins by 11 or more points. 


MMA Betting On Special Awards Or Awards Of the Night

 This type of bet refers to Prizes of the Night or special prizes, which are three different types of prizes in general that are determined after a UFC event. You can bet on which fighter will win said prizes, which are the following: 

  • Fight of the Night - Award given to the two fighters who deliver the "most impressive" fight on an event card.
  • KO of the Night - Award is given to the fighter with the most impressive technical knockout (KO / TKO).
  • Submission of the Night - Award given to the fighter with the most impressive submission.
  • Performance of the Night - On February 11, 2014, the UFC announced an amendment to its event bonuses. Effective immediately, the UFC will award the fight of the Night award to each of the combatants in the best fight of the night and the other Performance of the Night of the night's bonuses to the top two individual performances in the card. The Performance of the Night honors the fighters who do the best and most exciting individual performances.


Parlay Betting on MMA 

Roobet MMA betting may not have this betting option but it is often present on sports betting sites. A parlay is a bet with multiple outcomes on a single bet. A parlay must have two or more picks. Betting on parlays is popular in the UFC because many fight cards will have big favorites, and it is smarter to bet all together on one parlay. With this betting style, the bettor must select the winner of several matches.

This method is riskier but can offer you a higher payout if you choose the winners correctly. The downside to this style is that if the bettor makes a mistake in choosing a single winner, he is out of luck. This style is recommended for more experienced bettors who are good with money management techniques.


Example of parlay bet in MMA

Example: Usman wins + Volkanovski wins + Namajunas wins (odds of +180)

The money line odds on these fighters are –265 (Usman), -230 (Volkanovski), and –240 (Namajunas).

By combining these three fighters in a single bet instead of betting them separately, you can get odds of +180 if they all win. However, if a fighter loses his fight, he loses the entire bet.

Most Popular MMA Championships For Betting

To place your bets, there are the following most important and popular championships in MMA: 

  • Heavyweight Championship.
  • Light Heavyweight Championship.
  • Middleweight Championship.
  • Welterweight Championship.
  • Lightweight Championship.
  • Featherweight Championship.
  • Bantamweight Championship.
  • Flyweight Championship.

Tips For Betting Like A Pro On MMA At Roobet


  • Study the fighters in advance: Regardless of your experience as an MMA fan, it is essential that you stay up to date and research the evolution of each fighter before the event. Even the best MMA fighters have a specific weakness that can be exposed by the right opponent.
  •  Don't just focus on records: Knowing a fighter's win-loss history is essential, but it's more important to consider his experience and skills. A fighter might have a 9-0 record, but what if every one of those opponents he defeated was a nobody? It's hard to prefer that fighter over an opponent who might have a worse record but has faced opponents from the top 10 in his category.
  • Complete fighters vs. specialists: Some fighters have a complete profile and defend well in all areas of combat, while others specialize quite a bit in a single martial art. Analyze what advantages this situation gives each and consider what weaknesses each exposes to the other.
  • If you have to choose a specialist, choose fighters who are good at wrestling. Over time it has been proven that most successful fighters in MMA stand out for their excellent ability to knock down their opponents or avoid being knocked down. The best fighter is the one who keeps the fight where he wants.
  • Right-Handed or Left-Handed: Statistically, it is considered that if two fighters have the same striking abilities and one is right-handed and the other left-handed, the left-hander will have the advantage with a southpaw position (right hand in front). This is simply because there are fewer left-handed than right-handed fighters; therefore, the chances of having faced them are lower, making them less conventional.
  • Consider the fighters' internal factors: consider factors such as the weight cut before the fight, if the fighter has had recent injuries, and the history he has in terms of cardio and stamina. You can also analyze the momentum that a fighter brings and the motivations with which he comes to a specific fight.
  • Consider factors external to the fighters: Factors like the height, weather, and notice time a fighter has had for the fight make a big difference. It is not the same that a fighter has the time necessary to have a full 8-week training camp than that he is notified a week before to replace another injured fighter.

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